Current Projects

Call Time Fleet recently provided equipment and/or service(s) for the following feature films.

Weather Wars

August - September 2010

Transportation Coordinator/Captian Provided Equipment

Alone Yet Not Alone

September - November 2010

Provided Equipment

Three Blind Saints

October - November

Transportation Coordinator Provided Equipment

Divine Awakening

November 2010

Transportation Coordinator Provided Equipment

Miami Magma

November - December 2010

Transportation Coordinator/Captain Provided Equipment

Fueler Trucks

Certificate of insurance & rental contract required on every vehicle. Click here for Details.


2006 F-350 Fueler 

 Rental Price: $150 per day / $650 per week

This is a 4x4 Crew Cab, Automatic Transmition Fuel Truck with a  capacity of 120 Gal Unleaded and 120 Gal Diesel. It comes equiped with 50ft hose reels, 5th Wheel Hitch and a tow package.




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