Current Projects

Call Time Fleet recently provided equipment and/or service(s) for the following feature films.

Weather Wars

August - September 2010

Transportation Coordinator/Captian Provided Equipment

Alone Yet Not Alone

September - November 2010

Provided Equipment

Three Blind Saints

October - November

Transportation Coordinator Provided Equipment

Divine Awakening

November 2010

Transportation Coordinator Provided Equipment

Miami Magma

November - December 2010

Transportation Coordinator/Captain Provided Equipment



RV rental: $75 per hour with a 10 hour minimum. This includes driver, fuel, propane, and milage up to 100mi. Beyond that milage will be chaged at $0.50 per mile portal to portal. After 10 hour rate gose to $112.50 per hour.

Note: If vehicles are returned excessively dirty, a $100.00 cleanup fee will be assessed.  Dumping is also available for a $25 fee.

Daybreak RV

Full-size Class A Motor Home
Our newest RV, the Daybreak is a full-sized 33.5 feel Class A motor home manufactured in 2002.  The Daybreak features a generous slide out section and is furnished with a production desk, photo copier (color; black and white) and a roomy wardrobe/makeup room.
$75 per hour with a 10 hour minimum. After 10 hour rate gose to $112.50 per hour.

Gulf Stream Sunsport

Luxurious Class A Motor Home
This beautiful 2000 model 34 foot RV features dual slide out sections.  Expanded, they create an
incredibly large, comfortable space.  Our most luxuriously appointed motor home, the Sunsport is
ideal for clients and high talent.
$75 per hour with a 10 hour minimum. After 10 hour rate gose to $112.50 per hour.


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